BBBfm 89.1

Programme Guide

Monday: ​ 

  7.00am:​        Sandie's Triple B Music Train (incl Messages of Hope) - with Sandie

11.00am:        Live, Laugh & Love Country - with Garry

  2.00pm:        Live Wire Connections - with Margaret & Guests

  6.00pm:        Dig the Beat & Classic Vinyl Collections - with Johnny Walker 

10.00pm:        Maurie's Hits - till 7 am


  7.00am:         Temporary Programming & Training

11.00am:         Barossa On Broadway - with Sandra

  1.00pm:         Paul's Tuesday Flow​- with Paul Paulenas

  3.00pm:         Ruby Tuesday - with Ruby for Oldies with a Soul Kinda Feeling 

  7.00pm:         Section 5 Xian - withChristian Ellis  

  9.00pm:         Barossa After Hours- with Eden

11.00pm:         Maurie's Hits - till 7am


  7.00am:         Morning Espresso - with Jason

  9.00am:         Boomer Roy's Back on Track - with Roy / 60's to now!

                        Requests: phone station - (08) 85 633 788

12.00pm:         Rob's Midweek Party - with Rob H for rock, pop & blues

  4.00pm:         Country Or Sumthun Like It - with Garry

  6.00pm:         Counter Country - with Michaela Jenke

  8.00pm:         Sonic Safari - Patrick, The Captain for soul, funk & global grooves

​11.00om:         Maurie's Hits - till 9am


  9.00am:          Zelda's Heaps Mo' Blues and Zelda's Ain't Necessarily So - with Zelda

                         Kaleidoscope: Arts in the Barossa - with Sandie and Guests

12.00pm:          Paul's Community Conversations - with Paul Paulenas & Guests

  4.00pm:          Allan's Allsorts The Drive Show - with Allan

  7.00pm:          The Jazz Man - with Charlie

  8.30pm:          Vinyl Journey - with Johnny Walker (monthly)

​12.00pm:           Maurie's Hits - till 7.00am   


  7.00am:          Helen's Friday I'm In Love & Norms Tale of the Truckie - with Helen

  9.00am:          Zofia's Friday Morning Mix Up - with Zofia 

  1.00pm:          Maurie's Hits

  3.00pm:          Maurie's Hits

  5.00pm:          Radical Roy On Or Off Your Dial with Roy 

  8.00pm:          Nostalgia Radio - with Charlie for oldies & goldies 

10.00pm:          Maurie's Hits - The Weekend Edition till 9.00am 


  9.00am:          Sports Show - with Matt, Jack and Sean

11.00am:          The Wine Show - with Dave, Ben, Virginia & Guests

12.00pm:          The Paddy D Show - with Patrick Dempsey

  2.00pm:          Temporary programming & Training

  4.00pm:          The Blind Mullet or PMS - with Goof and Charlie for Rock and Fun 

  6.00pm:          Rockin & Rollin' - with Steve P and each month PMS 

  8.00pm:          Nite Shift - with Norm

                         Requests: phone station - (08) 85 633 788 - Up to 5 in a row!

12.00pm:          Maurie's Hits - till 6.00am


  6.00am:          Sandie M's Breakfast Show - with Sandie for music mix
  8.00am:          Just Country with Norm 

12.00pm:          Mix it up - with EV or Ms Hollie on Alternate Sundays

  3.00pm:          Discover Weekly - with Cassie

  6.00pm:          The Paisley Underground for Garage+Psychedelic Alternates for Krome

                         Plated Yabbies  Aussie+ NZ Garage+Psych - with Peter P  

​​  8:30pm:          DJ Suzy IMP for Blues Rock Indie Country / Maurie's Hits - till 7.00am.