​”Rosalie Ham deftly sharpens the razor edge between comedy and tragedy.

The Year of the Farmer

is a book that delights, appals but never waivers in its brutal honesty. If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry.” Sue Maslin, producer of

The Dressmaker

“Where Ham excels – is in her delineation of small-town communities…And her keen eye for the ridiculous, for the pretensions and prejudices we all share, means that her writing is nothing short of entertaining.

But what is most striking about

The Year of the Farmer

is how timely a novel it is, offering as it does an insight into the predicament of those who live on the land, their fates a hostage not just to the fortunes of nature but also to the narrow-minded and self-serving interests of government.”

The Australian

Rosalie was interviewed on Live Wire Connections Book Chat Segement.