s​Hi Folks, Join Live Wire Connections for music & guests from 2:00pm2:15pm: Barossa History show with Chris Murphy for “Social impacts of the Barossa Railway”

3:15pm: Erica McAvaney Small business Financial Counselor specializing in small and rural business support

3:50pm: Martin Johnson with his collection of poetry “Albatross” and upcoming music events for Father’s Day

4:30pm: Barossa German Language Association and “Kids Club” with Stephanie Traeger

5:15pm: Adrian Parente Community Engagement Officer and Captain Rick Kessner from Country Fire Service for a “bush fire ready” communities both physically and mentally.

I am having a break working on other BBBfm projects and will be back on Monday 28 September 2020. Happy to receive suggested guests/topics to cover on “Live Wire Connections” via face book or mail@bbbfm.com. Cheers, Margaret.