Barossa Broadcasting Board Inc. is an association owned and operated by the Barossa region community of South Australia. We operate a fully licensed community radio station – BBBfm 89.1. BBBfm 89.1 broadcasts content for 24 hours every day.

BBBfm’s focus is to provide a great community radio service to the Barossa region and its communities. We strive to be “The Voice of the Barossa and Beyond”.

Our Aim

Barossa Broadcasting Board Inc through, BBBfm 89.1 operations, will:

  • Encourage, enable and facilitate communication within the community by operating and developing community media activities within the Barossa region of South Australia 
  • Operate the Association as a community non-profit organisation
  • Enable and facilitate communication within the community by broadcasting programmes dealing with local issues, events, culture and activities and to undertake and carry out all such ancillary measures as are necessary or desirable to achieve this end
  • Abide by Australian content philosophy as outlined in the Code of Practice
  • Provide the opportunity for community groups and related associations, organisations and individuals to be involved in the production and presentation of original programmes
  • Provide a training environment for members of the community seeking a career in broadcasting
  • Encourage the practice of broadcasting as a community art 
  • Provide listeners with public affairs, educational and art programming
  • Produce programmes that celebrate the achievements of South Australians produce and/or contribute to, where appropriate, the production of national and state radio programmes that are consistent with community radio principles encourage community participation in the programming and operation of the station.

 This includes a commitment to access and experimentation with styles of broadcasting seek to involve other education and arts organisations in the operation of the station operate in such a way as to conform to the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice.

Our Broadcasting Area