Would you like to become a member of BBBfm?

If you would like to become involved in Triple B FM in any way, from learning how to become a presenter to the administrative work that gets done behind the scenes you can become a member!

By becoming a member, you are helping to provide a Community Radio service. Community Radio enables individuals, groups and communities to tell their own stories, to share experiences and to become creators and contributors of media.

If you are interested in potentially becoming a member, please apply by filling out the form. We then invite you to interview as part of the process.

If accepted as a member, there is a membership fee to support the station: A non-concession price of $35 and a concession price of $25.

Be aware a person shall not become a Member until their application is approved by the Board and the correct Membership Fee is received by BBBfm.

Membership Expression of Interest Application Form

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  • Please select at least one area in which you would be willing to assist.