How you can support BBBfm 89.1 Community Radio

Membership involves a volunteer commitment after an application while subscription entails a donation and benefits for Subscribers.

Of course, you are welcome to be both a Member Volunteer and a Subscriber, to enjoy the benefits of both!

A Member

  • must have their application for Membership/Volunteering approved by the Board, prior to payment of their Membership
  • must undergo Induction and Training prior to taking up volunteering duties
  • is required to actively participate in the operations of the station by assisting with at least one of the many functions which keep the station operating, such as Program Presenting, Sponsorships, Finance, Administration, and Production
  • must be an individual person; business or shared membership is not available
  • is entitled to one vote at any Meeting of the Barossa Broadcasting Board Inc
  • must maintain financial membership to be allowed to vote at meetings, and to volunteer (our membership year is from 1st June to 31st May, and membership fees are due on 1st May)
  • receives a copy of the ratified Minutes from each Meeting of the Barossa Broadcasting Board Inc
  • must adhere to, and will be protected by, the rules of the Association as contained in the Constitution, and supporting Policies and Procedures

To apply to become a member, you can fill out this form.

A Subscriber

  • is someone who wishes to support the station financially, without the commitment of volunteering, although they might choose to assist eg with particular events or functions, on an ad hoc basis
  • receives a Subscriber Card which is needed to access the benefits of Subscription
  • is entitled to entry into various events, competitions and prize draws throughout the year, a copy of the BBBfm “Musical Creatures of the Valleys and Plains” CD current for the year in which they take up subscription, and a BBBfm car window sticker, or other BBBfm promotional materials as determined by BBBfm.

The donation page will allow you to become a Subscriber from a minimum of $25.