How to get involved at BBBfm

We are always looking for passionate and motivated volunteers to join our BBBfm 89.1 teams. We have a range of opportunities to develop skills in the following areas:

1. Music / Program Presenter:

We are keen to develop innovative programming which meets the needs and interests of our communities across our license area. 

  • Do you have a program idea, specialist genre of music, want to share your music interest on air or would like to find out about our range of current programs?

2. Production and Technical

We have a small band of skilled people in this field continuing to develop our Community Service Announcements and Sponsorship promos. We are venturing into the world of Outdoor Broadcasting to bring live and recorded interviews of community events.

  • Do you have skills in this area?

3. Programming

We are always reviewing our programming and seeking to develop new programs of interest for our BBBFm listeners. We have a ‘geographic’ license so it is important that we have programs with the most reach that are innovative and creative.  

  • Are you interested in supporting our program development?

4. Board member

There is a lot of work that goes to run the business of a community radio station. We would love to hear from you about your interest in contributing to our vibrant and growing station as we continue to network and engage with our community.

  • Do you have skills in business or community development? Are you an experienced community-minded person and/or have media experience and are able to make a contribution to our Board of Management?

5. Membership 

Join up – join in!
Become a member.

Rights and responsibilities as a volunteer at BBBfm.

How much time is involved?

For volunteers who begin with a program there is also the expectation that presenters will engage with other activities of the station including open days, member days and be available to become a team member and support other community events. 

What makes volunteering at BBBfm 89.1 Fun, challenging and rewarding?

  • You will learn new skills within the frame of community radio
  • You will meet new people and engage with our listeners and community groups 
  • You will become prepared for the challenges of functioning in a media organisation 
  • You will have the opportunity to share and implement new ideas
  • You will work with creative and innovative team convenors
  • You will be part of progressing and developing BBBfm 89.1 now and into the future 

Along with the fun there are also rights and responsibilities of volunteers at BBB-FM 89.1

Rights of Volunteers to be:

  • Treated with the respect & dignity 
  • Assigned to appropriate tasks, taking into account their personal preferences, temperament, abilities, education &  training  to be provided with open access to BBB-FM 89.1’s policies & programs
  • Receive explicit, open and clear communication from the management team at all times
  • Access appropriate induction & training
  • Provided with information about any new developments at the station
  • Receive sound guidance & direction 
  • Experience a safe and welcoming environment
  • Covered by public liability insurance
  • Conflict Resolution processes in place 
  • Timely verbal and written communication as required
  • Participate in quality assurance programs
  • Upon request provide a reference at the start of their term of voluntary service with reference commensurate of character, abilities and achievements

Responsibilities of Volunteers:

  • Maintain a professional attitude towards their work at Barossa Radio BBBFM 89.1
  • Prompt, reliable and well presented
  • Mutually respectful in dealings with all other station volunteers and guests
  • Productive in output and willingly ensure adherence and commitment to  inclusive and proactive culture, policies and procedures
  • Give equivalent effort and service, to that which could be reasonably expected of a paid worker in relation to reliability, punctuality, honesty and productivity
  • Faithfully and honestly represent BBB FM 89.1’s values and objectives as a community broadcaster when representing the station in the broader community
  • Respect the confidentially of information accessed while volunteering at BBB FM 89.1
  • Notify the appropriate Team Convenor if unable to meet a scheduled commitment                   
  • Undertake training to improve performance 
  •  Abide by directions issued to volunteers by the Board of Management
  • Treat BBB FM 89.1 equipment with due care and notify the Technical Convenor of any faults or issues regarding equipment 
  • Take a couple of minutes to see to jobs that need doing (e.g. vacuuming the foyer carpet, dusting, doing dishes etc.) – “we’re all volunteers here, so we need to pitch in and support one another”
  •  Membership is a condition required of all presenters before being permitted to go to air
  • Adhere to broadcast law as volunteers with community radio at BBB-FM 89.1 and not receive gifts or inducements from a third party for services rendered 
  • Also refer to Codes of Practice

Contact us for more info and to sign up to become a volunteer!